"We wanted to create a project that embodies who we are, where we’re from, and shows what we can do. The word “JNGL” just seemed to capture it all. Being from Botswana, the word jungle has followed me around my entire life, and IAMTHELIVING is originally from South London, which is the concrete jungle - this project is those worlds meeting...” Gibbs explains, “The sounds on this project are big and diverse but at the same time we really took a grassroots approach to making it, I think that’s why even though the sound fills the room it can still resonate with the listener’s core. "

IAMTHELIVING provides a buttery, soulful croon over upbeat production while Gibbs injects laid-back, West Coast wordplay that packs a punch into every track. The lead single “Between The Groove” is a dancy, pop anthem that will surely have listeners falling for the sounds of this burgeoning Vancouver duo. 



While creating positive energy through art and crossing genres through their collaborative sound,  IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs make a distinct connection on JNGL with the intent to move listeners from their soul and to lead by example for other Black voices to connect in their city. We really feel like we've created our own little lane and we can really shed light on how dope the Vancouver music scene is!"